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Who We Are


Ancillary Business Consultants, Inc., (ABC) d/b/a CannaServe® is a revolutionary data collection and analysis platform, specifically focused on the Cannabis and ancillary business markets. CannaServe uses a proprietary technology app, which has been designed and implemented to level the playing field between big Tech and consumers (users), who unknowingly have their information stolen and then used for free every day without their control by the big tech companies. .

CannaServe believes that the time has come for users to have complete control over their personal information and business data, to be able decide what data they would like to share and to be rewarded with a usable benefit for sharing it! CannaServe now makes g it possible now in the rapidly expanding cannabis industry and ancillary business markets.

Through its innovative platform, CannaServe provides its users with total transparency and security by the design and use of a proprietary Blockchain database application. This creates secure partitioning, so our users possess the highest controls and security levels for their own data and can share their data at whichever level they choose. The more data our users choose to share, the more value and benefits they will receive, including discount coupons, merchandise and even crypto-currency, which can be converted to cash.

CannaServe also provides its users with exclusive access to vetted cannabis and ancillary industry professionals, business advisers and service providers, who participate in CannaServe’s Concierge Club membership (CCM) program. The CCM’s primary goal is to provide our users with immediate access to specialized business management and assistance in resolving cannabis and related industry specific operational and business issues. We offer an expanding suite of dynamic business tools designed to facilitate and promote the efficiency, productivity and optimization of our users members’ business operations.

Join the CannaServe Revolution today, take back control and earn rewards for your data!

What We Do

CannaServe® believes that big tech companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Yahoo and Apple have been taking unfair advantage of their users for years by using their user’s data for free. Right now, consumers are providing a valuable product (their data) to tech companies for free, which the tech giants then use internally and to sell other consumer goods and services.

CannaServe is preparing to launch its revolutionary data analysis platform, which converts a consumer to an empowered seller. Now a consumer can choose which data they would like to share and receive a direct benefit as compensation, including, everything from merchandise, discount coupons to crypto currency that can be converted to cash. The more data you choose to share the more compensation you can receive. All this, plus free access to the CannaServe.Info directory and app, which assists consumers to find and locate the best cannabis and ancillary businesses in every state.

Don’t allow the tech giants use your data for free – join the CannaServe® Revolution and start receiving benefits and value for your data today! is the location based map directory that comprises the B2C component of the CannaServe technology platform. It provides added value to CannaServe Concierge Member businesses by providing add free priority listings for consumers to find them when searching for cannabis businesses in their areas.

In addition, it provides customers seeking legal cannabis products both a mobile and desktop version with unique functionality as video chat with businesses, delivery options, strain recommendations generated by user reviews and connectivity with other consumers interested in products and services.


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