Joint Venture Partners

The CannaServe Joint Venture Partner (JVP) Program generates precision targeted pre-qualified referrals for business attorneys, CPA’s, banking, processing, equity, asset based lenders, security, insurance, real estate and other cannabis industry specific specialists. The CannaServe process starts with the Concierge Business Advisor (CC) receiving business questions from a CannaServe Concierge Member (CCM) via voice or email. The Concierge may answer the inquiry at that time, or if the inquiry or issue presented requires the response from a specific JVP industry professional, create the qualified referral. In this event, the Concierge contacts the JVP that is best suited tohandle or respond to the member’s particular inquiry and informs the CannaServe Concierge Member of the JVP’s qualifications. Then, the Concierge makes a personal introduction between the JVP and the CannaServe Concierge member creating the most valuable lead type.

Each JVP will be thoroughly vetted upon receipt of their application to confirm both their qualifications and past track record to ensure their credibility, cannabis industry specific expertise and track record. Once the vetting process has confirmed JVP eligibility, the CannaServe Concierge can begin to make the qualified referrals.

In addition, the JVP can also apply and become a CannaServe Affiliate (CA) earning recurring revenue for every client they refer to, that becomes a CCM. Click here to read more about the CannaServe Affiliate Program.