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The legal Cannabis business sector is growing exponentially and the newly coined term “ganjapreneur” has been embraced by the press to come to mean business people interested in converting green product into green dollars. Prominent industry watchdog ArcView Group estimates this growing market toexceed $2.5 Billion in 2015, promising a sector ripe for new businesses to be started and built, but not without a unique set of obstacles in addition to the obvious pitfalls any new business encounters.

Successfully navigating the maze of governmental regulation, including the federal ban on sale and distribution, down to the legal states, counties and actual municipalities is enough to stop even the most seasoned conventionally trained entrepreneurs in their tracks. Then factor in real estate, banking, merchant processing, insurance, transport, security and compliance before you even get to traditional marketing, inventory control, customer service, employee recruiting training and retention and the ganjaprenuer faces a daunting task!

CannaServe® Concierges are standing by and available now tohelpanswer your general questions and then work with you and one of our professional team memberscomprised of some of the top attorneys, CPA’s, bankers, insurance, security,compliance and marketing professionals in the cannabis industry. Let CannaServe® guide you through the entire process from business plan preparation, licensing applications, insurance, site selection, and compliance to name just a few of the specialized services offered to help our members start and manage a successful cannabis industry business.

Contact one of our CannaServe® Concierges today for a free, no obligation consultation about your business and let us help you achieve you goals and succeed in your business!